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Mosquito Abatement

Gateway Pest Control is now offering individual properties a mosquito abatement program. Our licensed technicians will reduce the mosquito populations around your property, and reduce the factors that allow mosquitoes to breed.

There are numerous types of mosquitoes found throughout our area. Not all bite and feed on people. Each species has a different life cycle, host preference, and disease transmission capability*. We know which ones bite people. We can reduce the mosquito population loafing about in your yard with these treatments and reduce mosquito annoyance.

Your safety is our number one priority and is not compromised. Our team will conduct an on-site audit of the area to be treated, indicating areas of sensitivity (like fish ponds and vegetable gardens), areas of harborage, and breeding sites. Areas that can breed mosquitoes and be drained will be corrected. Small standing pools of water that cannot be drained will be treated with a larvicide to eliminate immature mosquitoes growing in the water. Recommendations of things you can do to discourage mosquitoes will be made when appropriate.

Call  Gateway Pest Control so we can arrange a free on-site visit and estimate. Book us early and we can offer you a pre-season discount. Ask about our Yard Use Warranty. Let Gateway Pest Control help you host a party, not a feeding frenzy.


Tick Abatement

Gateway's Tick Program.

Fight back.  Ticks can be controlled and the risk of contracting Lyme Disease in your own yard greatly reduced. Low toxicity sprays can be targeted and applied to perimeter areas where Deer Ticks (the Lyme Disease transmitter) and Mosquitoes like to hide and rest.

Gateway Pest Control's tick reduction program will allow you to spend more time outside without worrying about ticks.  Call for a complimentary inspection and quote, and receive our tick information sheet describing non-chemical steps to take around the house that will contribute to reduced tick presence and Lyme Disease risk.