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Pest bird control and prevention can reduce product loss and enhance the visual impact of your facility.

In addition to defacing windows, walls, and walkways, birds and accumulated bird droppings in and around your facility can be a health hazard. Pigeons, sparrows, and starlings often carry mites and other parasites.

Control methods include:

         Exclusion- eliminating bird roosting points

         Habitat modification- removing/limiting access to food, water, shelter

         Sanitation- removing debris

         Non-toxic repellants- touch, sounds, visual, odor, coyote decoy

         Repelling- feedng repellent-treated baits

         Shooting- bird pellets from an air rifle

An integrated approach (using two or more methods) to solve bird problems is the best approach.

Be wary of exaggerated claims for ultrasonic devices as they do not work. Devices such as balloons, reflective tape, and owl and snake decoys may work for short periods of time, but birds gradually adapt to them and they lose their efficacy.

Gateway Pest Control bird control solutions will:

         Prevent the contamination of otherwise healthy environments

         Preserve the aesthetic characteristics of your building

         Stop damage caused by birds and their droppings


We consider and use non-lethal patrols before resorting to toxic, lethal methods.

Find out the full range of options to control pest birds.   Contact us today.


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