Thank You For Making 2010 Our Greatest Year Thus Far…

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It is fair to say 2010 began with a lot of unanswered questions.  Is America in a depression?  Will things get worse?  What will our business do?  With only days remaining the answer is clear, 2010 was a year in which Gateway Pest Control grew like never before.  And thus we must say thank you for all of you that helped our family not only survive but thrive.

We cannot possibly name every client, (though we did send every one a personalized Christmas card) butI may mention a few as my thoughts reflect upon the last 12 months.  Several new churches came into the fold in 2010, the New Life Church in St. Louis, St. Joseph’s in Imperial, Missouri, Immaculate Conception in Arnold, Missouri and the High Ridge Church of Christ (HRCOC) in High Ridge, Missouri.

Gateway Pest Control offers all churches in our service area an opportunity to have 10% of their member’s service charges donated back to the church.  In affect we tithe our business to churches that simply tell their members about the program.  Honestly I am surprised more churches and non-profit organizations don’t take advantage of our donations, maybe 2011 will see an increase in participation. 

Meeting the pastor at the HRCOC, Danny Loesch was a neat experience.  Normally we try to get in, do a job and leave the customer in peace as quickly as possible.  But with Danny the conversation about religion, death and politics just seemed to go on and on.  I’ll make a point to schedule a whole afternoon on their next appointment so as to not cut short my time with Danny.  If you live any where within driving distance of High Ridge, Missouri and you are looking for a church you would be wise to qive the HRCOC at least a visit.

Some customers stand out in my mind simply because of the jobs related to their service.  For instance Andy, and the 37 snakes living in his basement….<shiver>  There are times I question our policy of Live Capture, or at least question why I didn’t send someone else to complete the job.  So the next time someone calls with 30+ snakes living in their home I think the new guy is being assigned the task.

Some folks that really brought a smile to my face were people that never became our customers.  For instance the lady with a squirrel that runs across her yard… did I mention she lives next to Forrest Park and wanted all the squirrels removed? 

Regardless of why you contacted Gateway Pest Control I would like to thank you for your consideration.  We are a family owned business and with the help of your family my family survives. In just a few weeks the temps will warm and before long we will be back in your homes protecting your family.  Rest assured if you need help we are just a phone call away.

Again, thanks for all your support in 2010, and we truly pray 2011 is a wonderful year for you and yours. 

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