What do Insects do in the Winter?


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Ever wonder what pests do in the winter?   Gateway Pest Control has answers.

Friendly creatures like some birds, bats and moths migrate.  Certain species of bats travel hundreds of miles between their summer and winter homes while others hibernate in caves, trees or the chimneys of our homes.  It is extremely important your attic is properly sealed to prevent bats from making it their home.  In a very short period of time their droppings and urine can cause thousands of dollars in damage as well as expose your family to serious diseases. 

Some pests, such as Japanese beetles and fire ants, tunnel into the ground for warmth.  Subterranean termites do this, too – if they haven’t  moved indoors.  Once inside your home they are free to literally eat our home around the clock.

Others seek out a host.  Blacklegged (deer) ticks, carriers of Lyme disease, like to spend the winter nestled in the fur of a deer.  Of course they are just as happy living off the family dog or cat.  Without the host, their source of warmth and food, these pests are likely to die when temperatures drop.

Some insects, such as crickets and some stinging insects, lay eggs and die. The eggs hatch in the spring to begin the next generation. Other pests spend the cold months as dormant larvae. As the weather warms, their transformation begins, but some insects will pester us year round. If powderpost beetles lay their eggs inside your home, the larvae will tunnel into hardwood floors, wooden antiques and the like, turning the wood in its path into fine, powdery sawdust.

Other pests thrive in our heated homes, schools and workplaces all winter. For example, cockroaches need food, water and a cozy place to live and our working and living space will provide that.  Ants can also be found in kitchens regardless of what the weather is like outside.

Subterranean termites (the type typically found in Missouri) that take up residence inside, causing an estimated $5 billion in property damage each year.  Mice and rats also seek shelter in the winter months, reproducing rapidly and carrying diseases, including the potentially deadly Hantavirus.  Mice and rats often make your garage their home, surviving off food left in trash cans or set at for family pets.  They often visit the family car chewing on wires and insulation.  In some cases a single mouse has left vehicles inoperable, costing thousands of dollars to repair wiring, seats and computer components.   

If any of these pests make your home their winter retreat, call a professional pest control company.  In the quickest, most effective manner possible, Gateway Pest Contro will properly identify and treat your specific pest issues using the most up-to-date treatments available.  To learn more about pests or to schedule an appointment, please visit www.gatewaypestcontrol.com.

Sadly, as the temperature drops many people assume bugs and other pest have gone away for the winter, when in reality they are just hidden within the walls of your home.  Simply stated it is just as important to treat you home in the winter as it is in the summer.

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